It is finished

23 Now the God of peace Himself makes you fully and completely holy, your spirit and soul and body are entirely blameless, kept and watched over, inside of the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 The One calling and summoning you is faithful, who also does this.

JSV -Jesus Secret Version

So much unnecessary striving and worry about being holy for Jesus! Read the above verse over and over. YOU ARE ENTIRELY BLAMELESS…already!!

Religious spirits work to keep us on the endless treadmill…trying to be holy for God….by our own effort and unbelief.

It is unbelief that fuels most activity in Christianity. You are already holy and blameless before Him for it is Jesus that you are inside of….completely.

It is God’s salvation. It is God HIMSELF who makes you fully and completely holy. It is Father Himself who makes your spirit, soul and body ENTIRELY BLAMELESS.

You are being kept inside of Jesus , inside of the Father every moment and always….not by your faith as if it all depends upon you…but by Jesus faith which is inside of you. The two of you are one…so that what is His is now yours. His faith carries you inside the Father, keeps you constantly inside Father.

“…and the life I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the son of God..”

Gal 2:20b KJV

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