The Two Trees

There were two trees in the garden of Eden that presented a choice to our first parents. The tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God clearly spoke about NOT eating from the latter tree. Death would be the result of feeding upon that tree.

The thing that we need to understand today about these two trees is that they are still presented to us every day. Which tree will we eat –The Law with it’s knowledge of good and evil or Life-Jesus Himself living in us and as us?

These are things I mostly write about –for these are the things I wrestle with myself.

Maybe the Lord will help you see that we are to ONLY eat of Life and never to eat from the tree of death. Many teach we are to eat from both trees. In fact millions of Christians eat mostly death.

When we are concerned with what is right and what is wrong we are eating from death. This is a conundrum to us, for we reason that surely God wants us to be concerned over these things.

In our beginning days with God this is what we do. Romans 7 tells us this struggle is what Paul endured too. Doing right and not doing wrong.

But this battle served to bring Paul through to Romans 8 where he discovered a life of no condemnation.

All those teaching the church to keep the law in any shape or form, mean well, but are in fact teaching DEATH to God’s children.

There is a Life that resides in you that is not bound by Moses Law, but fulfills it. There is a Life in you that carries you all the way through this earthly existence into the glories of the eternal. It is not dependant upon your performance or ability in any way shape or form.

It is the new covenant life!! Not the old, and not a mix of the two. One is death the other is Life.

Your heart yearns for Life.

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    1. Thanks for liking and reblogging this brother. I also like the way the Word is used and presented by you. You are a great encourager to the people of God.

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