A heart divided against itself

Here’s the deal. Your Heart is where the kingdom of God is. If your heart is divided against itself how shall it stand? Either make the tree good or make the tree bad. But not both!!

Luk 11:17  But He, knowing their thoughts, said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls. 
Luk 11:18  If Satan also is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand? Because you say I cast out demons by Beelzebub. 

The key thing here is that of one thing being divided against itself. Being contrary to itself. Being an enemy of itself. This is not what we want to be is it.

Yet in most Christian circles being against yourself is thought to be wise and vigilant. But no…it is insanity!!

On a side note –any nation that has a two party system of politics shall not stand and shall be brought to desolation. That is the whole point of shutting down smaller parties and marginalising them. By dividing the populace between good and evil, moral and immoral party lines the whole nation shall suffer as a result. It stems from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil–the fruit of which is death.

On a personal level…being divided against oneself is not healthy. It leads to desolation and a fallen condition. Vanquished! This is Satan’s main tactic with the Christian. He seeks to divide the person against himself internally so he becomes paralysed and unable to go forward. Desolate.

What helps Satan’s cause in this exercise immensely is the teaching that a born again Christian still has a sin nature he must be on guard against. The Christian who believes he has a sin nature alongside of God’s nature inside himself is divided against himself and shall not stand. The Accuser takes him out very easily. Just a few accusations thrown at him in first person whispers into his ear and he stumbles and begins to accuse himself of being evil. Satan has this down pat and does it all the time with great success.

We are told that Jeremiah 17 is relevant to us…..   “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?

Preacher’s use this verse out of context and without any mention of the new creation you have become. You DO NOT HAVE A WICKED DECEITFUL HEART believer in Christ Jesus!! Your heart is renewed, cleansed, purified and clean before God by the blood of Jesus and through the work of the Holy Spirit.

You do not have a sin nature –the sin nature is what you were….but now you are a new creature in Christ Jesus, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new. The Old Man was crucified with Christ–dead, buried–gone!! But if you prefer to live in division you can reckon your old man alive…just as you are meant to reckon yourself dead to it/him and alive to God in Christ Jesus.

Most Preachers would be out of a job if their poor sheep stopped taking a beating and stood up in their seats saying –

Hey Preacher!! Leave those kids alone! We don’t need your indoctrination..we don’t need your thought control….

Sowing into the minds of the sheep of God that they have an internal enemy, a sin nature, is diabolical! But it is what most of us have endured. Trying to come out away from such toxic poisonous mind control is torturous to say the least. It is the enemies trigger point inside us. All he has to whisper into us is Sinner!!

“Every single one of us has the devil inside, devil inside” INXS singer Michael Hutchence wrote. Well Michael…not for the Born Again, Spirit cleansed believer in Jesus Christ mate!! Paul told us that we WERE by nature children of wrath….BUT NOT ANYMORE!! Now we ARE sons of God through faith in Jesus Christ!!

We make the whole tree good by our belief and confession. Or we make the tree bad the same way. Who do you say that you are?


Some say you are a devil, some say you are a good person…BUT ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHO YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE.

I don’t mean going around telling others who you are…I mean in the face of the howling Accuser when he accuses you of all your human weakness being so unlike Jesus—What do you say about yourself then? Who do you say you are to your self!?

It’s at those times that it counts the most for the enemy seeks to bury you and divide you against yourself. You are a threat to him and his kingdom if you are whole and united in one heart with Jesus but divided against yourself, calling yourself evil and good, you are pathetic and stupid.

Faith–Jesus own faith which he shares inside you, rises up and says,,..

NO!! I am as He is in this world. God lives in me despite all my weaknesses. In fact God is revealed through my weaknesses Mr Devil! I am just as Jesus is, right here and now in this world. I am a son of God by faith in Jesus and I have been given all authority over you and all your minions, so right now depart from me and be cast down, for you are cast down and beneath Jesus and my feet!

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