Pittsburgh synagogue shooter charged with 44 criminal counts

How do you spot a a story that is being promoted by the Elite? Just look at the numerical signature they use. Here is a quote taken from rt.com

The suspect in a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue has been charged on a total of 44 criminal counts, up from 29 counts previously, a federal indictment read. Robert Bowers is accused of religious hate crimes, illegal possession of firearms and causing injury to police officers, among other things. Bowers is scheduled due to appear at a second hearing in federal court in Pittsburgh on Thursday. Saturday’s shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue killed 11 people, becoming the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the US in decades

People are killed all the time and that is terrible of course. And the fact that these worshippers were killed is also terrible. But often the real story is hidden.  The Elite cannot help themselves. They must put their signature in the media report to gain more energy from their master Lucifer.

11killed, 44 charges, up from 29(2+9=11).

All the talk about the swamp being drained and the deep state being taken down is rubbish. The game goes on unabated.


Bali Bombing was 12/oct/2002

12+10=22 and 2002=22 :–  The attack killed 202 (22)people A further 209 (11) people were injured–  (including 88 (8×11)Australians, 38(11)Indonesians,…)

The wikipedia says that there was “An audio-cassette purportedly carrying a recorded voice message from Osama bin Laden” 

This is a complete giveaway that the whole story is a lie. Bin Laden was a Colonel in the CIA. The whole Al Qaeda story is a CIA operation.  9/11 another 11 inside job….done by Al Qaeda? Rubbish!

11th September 2001 Twin Towers

9 x 11

There are too many 11’s in this story to list. The buildings themselves made a huge 110 story high 11 on the New York skyline.

See this article here – http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1756.cfm

The attack happened exactly 11 years after Pres. GHW Bush said we need a New World Order in a speech on 11 Sept 1990

Again they blamed Bin LADEN…their own agent…utter baloney..to this day they have no proof. Instead they arrested and detained 4 Israeli Mossad agents who were seen by many dancing on a rooftop filming the collapsing towers. Those Mossad agents were held for weeks and finally quietly sent back to Israel with no charges laid. The buildings were all “pulled” by demolition charges set in the buildings weeks or months beforehand. Do your research.

11th March 2004 –  Madrid Train bombing

3 x 11

7/7/2007London Subway attack

7 x 11

Fukushima 11 March 2011

3 x 11

False flag chemical attack in Syria 4/4/ 2017

4 x 11

False flag again in Syria 7 April 2018 (7+4=11)


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