You are not an old forgiven you

The thing that I have come to believe about all this--which is really the heart of the New Covenant we are that we are not forgiven sinners now. We are new creatures in Christ. That old man has been crucified with Him and has been buried with Him...that is where my old man is....and … Continue reading You are not an old forgiven you

God does not envy

I am continuing to look at Paul's words on Love as it is a description of the Father --The God Who is over all through all and in all¹.... The God in whom all people live, move and have their being² for all things are from Him, through Him and to Him.³ Rather than look … Continue reading God does not envy

The love chapter is about God

First Corinthians 13 is commonly called the Love Chapter because Apostle Paul tells us what love does and does not do. Yet we also know from John that God is Love - 1John 4:8. Therefore 1 Corinthians 13 is a summary of God's nature and His Life. The common reading of the passage applies Paul's … Continue reading The love chapter is about God

Paul’s amazing statements

The Apostle Paul was not taught his gospel by Peter or John or any other man…but the Lord Himself taught Paul by the revelation of the Spirit. Three statements among so many stand out to me that Paul had a huge picture of the love of God shown him that we scarcely understand. Among all … Continue reading Paul’s amazing statements

Some encouragement

Here are some quick words on different topics to encourage Will God forgive me? The Good News is that on the Cross Jesus took all your sins and died under their penalty so that you should not have to. You are forgiven ...not because God decides whether He will forgive you or not...but because it … Continue reading Some encouragement