One World Government is the end goal

As many already understand the goal of the hidden puppet masters behind the visible institutions and politicians is a one world government and religion and economy. This is their goal. They have not given up on their ages old plan.

At present we see sweeping the whole world a rise in Nationalism. This is the opposite of Globalisation and one world ism. That is done intentionally.

In order to bring in their one world government and one world religion etc, they must make nationalism repugnant to everyone. They deliberately stoke the flames of nationalism–put Australia First—put America First—Put Britain first—in order to cause a divided nation of those for and against immigration so that in the end mass immigration is implemented against what is seen as uncaring and unmerciful right wing nationalists.

Put Australia First is only a ruse. These nationals shall be deliberately demonised and infiltrated by violent radical agents who shall commit atrocities in the name of put Australia first–thus seeing the outlawing of and public backlash against nationalism.

In the end every nation will fall down and beg for a one world government. The same tactics are being used in religion as well. They speak of religious freedom, freedom of worship and freedom of speech—but really the desired outcome is the opposite.

Such freedom shall be infiltrated by saboteurs who shall pose as religious people. They media shall highlight their words and their activities to show the dangers of uncontrolled religious freedoms –thus all sects and groups shall be restricted and a new STATE religion brought in that shall accommodate all peace loving people. This of course shall weed out all those who want to go their own way.

And it is the same with the economies of each nation, and their individual currencies. All these must give way to the chosen vehicle for buying and selling which shall be a global currency.

These are simply my own thoughts and meditations.

Some are saying Jesus is coming soon.

Let me remind you that anti Christ comes first.

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