Famous Christian author believed all shall be saved

Mrs. Hannah Whitall Smith is famous for her book “The Christian’s Secret of a happy life” but thanks to dishonest editors most do not realise she came to believe in the salvation of all…Here is an excerpt from the missing chapters of her autobiography – “The Unselfishness of God” Incidentally many editors since the First edition have omitted the very chapter bearing the Title of the book – Chapter 23 “The Unselfishness of God”.


“We of course were among those elected to salvation, and for this we were taught to be profoundly thankful. I tried hard to fall in with this. It seemed difficult to believe that those who had taught me so much could possibly be mistaken on such a vital point. But my soul revolted from it more and more. How could I be content in knowing that I myself was sure of Heaven, when other poor souls equally deserving, but who had not had my chances, were “elected,” for no fault of their own, but in the eternal decrees of God, to “Reprobation?” Such a doctrine seemed to me utterly inconsistent with the proclamation that had so entranced me. I could not find any limitations in this proclamation, and I could not believe there were any secret limitations in the mind of the God who had made it. Neither could I see how a Creator could be just, even if He were not loving, in consigning some of the creatures He Himself, and no other, had created, to the eternal torment of hell, let them be as great sinners as they might be. I felt that if this doctrine were true, I should be woefully disappointed in the God -whom I had, with so much rapture, discovered.

I could not fail to see, moreover, that, after all, each one of us was largely a creature of circumstance-that what we were, and what we did, was more or less the result of our temperaments, of our inherited characteristics, of our social surroundings and of our education; and that, as these were all providentially arranged for us, with often no power on our part to alter them, it would not be just in the God who had placed us in their midst, to let them determine our eternal destiny. ” Hannah Whitall Smith
Read the missing chapters at http://www.tentmaker.org/books/unselfishness-of-god.htm

Click the link above for the 3 missing chapters–Ch 21, 22 and 23.

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