Flee the false god

There is a false god that has captured the hearts of millions of Christians and it isn’t money. It is a god that punishes sin even though all sins have been forgiven. It is a god that is impossible to please no matter what you do. It is a god that torments you constantly. It is a god that condemns you now when you fail to obey.

This false god is the mind of Satan the accuser of the brethren and he has been successful in convincing most of us that we must strive very hard to do things for God. It is a god that rejects us..rejects our self…wants us to get out of the way so he can move…etc etc.

This is a false god created by religious people.

God on the other hand has put us to death and is not interested in our efforts at being like Jesus. He is only interested in a new creation not the old…Old things have passed away behold!! All things have been made NEW!!

We ARE pleasing in His sight because we have put on Jesus as our very life. We are not recognisable as His unless we put on Jesus.

What does putting on Jesus mean?

By a simple choice to believe God’s word we confess and boldly declare that as He is so are we. We declare that we already are like Jesus because He dwells fully in me. Jesus has taken me to be His human form…and I have received Him to be my S/spirit. I do not set aside the grace of God by imagining myself separate from Him….I speak and believe ONE…and complete and perfect union with Jesus.

If you have seen me you have seen the Father—that  should be the confession of every born again saint of God.

But those who stumble at such a thought are seeking to establish their own righteousness before God(with His help of course…vomit here). God has only One Man and that man is Jesus.

Where is Jesus? Please don’t say he is up in heaven…For Jesus is in you and you are in Him. There simply is no rest in any other message.

Accept with meekness Jesus implanted and grafted into your heart.   For Jesus has accepted you as His habitation and he is very happy to be with you and in you and even to be you!

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