Kingdom of heaven

This is not a long post–just a comment really–a statement maybe. I hear a lot of talk about what it will be like in heaven. The thinking is that heaven is a place where we shall all go to one day. Yet have we considered that all of heaven is coming to earth?

When Jesus spoke of His Kingdom He said, “…the Kingdom of heaven…” He taught his disciples to pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

The saying kingdom of heaven also means kingdom from heaven. The kingdom is within us…and we are the manifestors of that invisible kingdom. The kingdom is spiritual…yet we are physical. God’s presence and kingdom are internal and we carry His presence and manifest His kingdom.

We are seated right now in the heavens, in Christ, in God. Yet we are walking this dusty earth at the same time just as Jesus did and still does in us.

Do you think God is going to take us out of this earth to a faraway heaven? I believe Scripture tells us that He is going to awaken us to the true reality of who we are right here on this earth.

We are born again to walk as full complete humans. What does that look like?

It looks like God with us-Emmanuel. It loks like “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.” It looks like God in human form…yes I am speaking about you Christian.

Heaven and Earth are inseparable…They are ONE. Earth is made to image spirit. You were made the image of the invisible God.

Don’t you realise that you cannot see God for He is a spirit. But we can see one another right? Where is God? In His people who are His dwelling place and temple.

You talk about dying and going to heaven when heaven is in you and you are in heaven already. But you do not believe it because all around you see sinking sand and the effects of sin. But God wants us to learn to see as He sees. Therefore from now on we regard no one according to the flesh..2Cor 5:16..

Natural mind sees only defeat. Natural mind thinks God will scrap this planet that He loves so much. God will do no such thing but shall cause the full manifestation of His glory to cover the earth instead…it does cover the earth but we have not seen it. He will open our eyes to see His already ever present glory…to behold Him in His creatures and see Him in each other.

At the beginning all we see is us here and imagine God up there. But that is not a true picture of reality. That separated mind set is what empowers religion. But the truth sets us free. We ARE as He is –1 John 4:17 NOW!!!

We are ONE in Him now. We see this dimly, but it is true. Everything visible says the opposite is true….but we overcome the accuser of the brethren by faith.

Heaven is here right now if we have the eyes to see it. God shall grant us eyes to see.


It is in seeing Jesus in all things now on this earth that we leave the torment of Gehenna behind us and enter into heavenly reality and bliss.

As long as we see this earth as a place to escape from we see out of serpent eyes.


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