How will anything change?

At 4am sitting on my forklift and my truck driver co worker is telling me how bad the world is. Truck drivers spend a lot of time thinking whilst they do long hours on the highway.

I said that I hoped it would change eventually to which he responded

“But how can it ever change!? Maybe if the sun sent out a huge magnetic pulse and sent everything back to the stone age it may change?” He said.

He was referring to the negative impact that technology has had upon people. Anyway the question is do you believe that anything will change? Many or most believe that the earth is soon to be destroyed and a new heaven and a new earth shall appear.

What about you Christian?

Haven’t you changed?

But aren’t you just the same on the outside?

Yes you are just the same… Yet you have changed! You have been born again by incorruptible Seed-even by Jesus Himself Who has been planted into your heart by a work of faith which God DID as a gift to you.

Oh yes you have changed! You dwell in Jesus Who dwells in God and God dwells in Jesus Who dwells in you. Therefore you are the NEW heavens and the NEW earth in which Righteousness dwells!

And this is all the doing/work of God in your is not dependent upon your efforts… For He is able to build His own house…the builder and maker is God.

So you may appear to be the same just as the world does but what is outer is passing away giving way to what is inner- the true reality.

God is working by His mighty energy to bring forth the NEW thing even while it appears that He does nothing.

He planted His Seed into the earth and it shall not fail to produce many plants all bearing the same DNA. Many sons just like Jesus are growing up into the Head who is Christ. When these sons just like Jesus come forth then the groaning of the prisoners shall be answered and the covering cast over many(all) nations shall be destroyed.

God shall save all as all…and in doing so the whole earth shall be covered and filled with he knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So take heart my friend God shall not fail in His determination to save all men so the all the nations shall come before Him in worship.

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