Stabbing in Paris 911 days since Bataclan

Has anyone noticed that the Media first told us that the stabbing in Paris on the 12th May occurred at the Paris Opera House?

Khamzat Asimov began stabbing passers-by at around 9pm local time on May 12, on the rue Monsigny, a popular tourist area near the Paris opera house.

On closer inspection the Palace Garnier which is the Opera House is smack bang in the middle of a Freemasons Compass and setsquare road configuration.

Paris Art Gallery in centre of Masonic Compass and Set-Square.

Above: Orange lines showing masonic compass and set square around Opera House.



Curiously On the roof of the Palais Garnier which is part of the opera house is a statue of Apollon.

Apollon is a Greek god, the son of Zeus. He is known as a god of War and early Muslims held him in high honour along with their Prophet.

It is curious that the mainstream media (which are mouthpieces for the Elite) are pointing to the Opera House in the centre of the Freemasonic (symbol)Plan.




APOLLON on the roof of the Garnier Palace in Paris.

In The Revelation of Jesus Christ chapter 9 verse 11 (yes 9/11!) Apollyon is mentioned.

Rev 9:1 “The Fifth Angel sounded”….On the Roof of the Opera House is also a  statue of Harmony – a singing angel.

Tormenting armies of Locusts were released from the bottomless pit to torment men..and they had over them a King named ….

Rev 9:11  And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon

It seems to me that that the accused and now dead stabber was not important in their narrative. They are making mileage out of his Chechnian heritage to blame Russia possibly and tighten the screws on Russian born or Russian connected citizens within France. That is one angle….

But the Media pointing out that the murders took place at the Opera House HIGHLIGHTS the opera House more than anything else. Therefore the fact that the Opera House is in the G SPOT within the Compass and Set Square of Freemasonry makes this building a symbol of something.

The only thing I see is the statues of APOLLON and HARMONY on the rooftop.

The REALLY WEIRD THING is that Apollyon is mentioned in 9/11 of Revelation…and it is 911 days EXACTLY between the Paris shootings in 2015 and this murder by stabbing. This suggests that this murder is another inside job. But how is it a part of the Agenda?

Historically, Revelation 9 was fulfilled already by the rise of Muhammad and his followers since the 600’s AD.

The 5th trumpet represents our Lord raising up the Saracen (Muslim) army to attack the Roman Empire for 150 years from 612 – 762 A.D.

When you see that it was the Lord who sent the Muslims against the Roman Empire, you will gain a new perspective about the Muslims,

that instead of just being a blood-thirsty people who killed others, they were in fact sent by God to execute vengeance

against the pagan Roman Empire, which had killed 10 million Christians. Source 

The man who went on a stabbing spree near the Paris Opera House ran weilding his knife shouting‘Allahu Akhbar’ (Arabic for God is greatest).

The Plan of the Elite is to destroy Islam and Christianity and bring in the ‘pure light of Lucifer’ as their one world religion. That is their end goal.

Thus this timed killing on the 911th day since the last massacre in Paris is again all about making Islam the enemy that the west wants us all to hate for they are about to slaughter many of them in Iran.

It is also the beginning of Ramadan as I write this(17th May)…I saw the crescent moon going down in the west with Venus to the right. The 17th May numerically is 17+ 5 = 22. Another possible kill day for the Satanically possessed Elite who control the Governments of this world.

And as I have noted already the 22nd May is a key day to come.


Author: Dennis Rhodes

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