Pompeo follows same script

Newly appointed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Israel today –

Pompeo said that the U.S. stands with Israel against Iran, saying that the Iran nuclear deal will be nixed if it cannot be fixed. He further stated that the borders of Jerusalem will be set in future negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. He also raised the question of Syria, saying that the main American goals are to defeat ISIS, prevent the use of chemical weapons, and obtaining a diplomatic agreement to end the country’s years-long civil warhaaretz

The main American goals? He means the Neo-Cons goals.

Defeat ISIS?

Russia did that after America and it’s allies protected and funded and trained ISIS and other so called moderate rebel groups. ISIS is the tool of the neo cons..to say their goal is to defeat ISIS is utter HYPOCRISY and LIES.

Prevent the use of chemical weapons?

The last so called chemical weapons attack most likely never even occurred. The children were lured into the hospital with promises of food and sweets and then doused with water and pushed around while being filmed. This was on the 7th April which is 4+7 = 11.

Last year on the 4th April (4*4=44 or 4 x 11) the neo-cons and their agents in Syria namely the western funded Syrian White Helmets performed another false flag chemical attack with fake chicken blood and actors. Both times Trump bombed Syria and blamed Assad for what anyone with half a brain can tell was a set up job. What Pompeo means is that the American military machine will stay in Syria to prevent chemical attacks….which he knows were false flags for that exact outcome.

Civil war in Syria?

There has never been a civil war in Syria. The Americans and their Allies have trained and funded rebels and militants from many different countries to go to Syria to fight Assad. The people of Syria were happy with their country and their President contrary to what the western media and the politicians tell us. The Americans are doing what they always do…REGIME change to suit Israel’s interests. This is still the plan that General Wesley Clark spoke of in 2001.

Once they overthrow Assad and place into power their chosen leadership–(anti Iranian leadership) they will start overthrowing Iran. This is all a part of their drive towards rebuilding a Temple in Jerusalem and hosting the fake world leader known as the Antichrist. Beware because he will not be anti Christ…but one who usurps Christ. Instead of Christ.

Author: Dennis Rhodes

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