Scripted numbers on cue

Rupert Murdoch’s  News Corp released an article on the 9th April (9+4=13) saying…
  • ATTACKS have reportedly been launched on Syrian airbases in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack.
  • According to a number of reports, jet fighters were heard and seen flying over Lebanon towards Syria around 3.30am(33) local time (10.30(13)AEST).
  • The statement from the Elysee Palace said Macron “strongly condemned the chemical attacks on April 7 (4+7=11)against the population of Douma”.

Once again as with 4/4/17 when a similar “attack” occurred in Syria Assad is guilty before any evidence is found. They even admit that they are striking them based on a suspected chemical weapons attack. An attack that has only been reported on by forces rebelling against Assad.

This article by Murdoch shows all the right numbers for those ‘in the know’ that this is their plan and their agenda. 13,33, 13 and 11 

Of course overthrowing Assad has nothing to do with him being a dictator….they want to overthrow him and steal his nation, breaking it up into different parts to weaken it’s ability to oppose Israel. The  “Hammer of all the earth”(Jer 50:23)  which is the American military machine is employed by villanous madmen who announced back in 2001 that their plan is take out 7 nations in 5 years.

Well it has dragged on a bit for them thanks to Russia getting in the way.  What is not reported by Murdoch’s media empire is attitudes of those fighting in the American military. As with the First and Second World Wars and the war in Iraq and many other wars America has been involved in the real reasons for the war were hidden from those fighting on the front lines.

Young men and women join the military for a variety of reasons known only to them and their close families. I suspect that they are mostly ignorant of what the world is really like. Do they realise that those in power in their nation are merely puppets doing the bidding of mega rich evil hearted men behind the scenes? Men who have long ago sold their soul to the Devil? Do those in the Marines and the Airforce know that their nation USA and it’s willing allies have been responsible for murdering and maiming millions of unarmed people with Depleted Uranium munitions which they illegally use to this day?

Murdoch loves to splash pictures of dead and suffering children in western faces so that we will support a hit on the Syrian President…..Where was Murdoch and his team in Iraq? Where are they now?

Deformities caused by Depleted Uranium ammunition used illegally by the American Military to this day.

War Crimes of the worst kind have been and are still carried out by the American Machine which I believe God calls “the Hammer of the whole earth.” Beware lest what you have done and supported in the name of Zionism come upon you.


A Paper by Dr Caldicot on the dangers of Depleted Uranium used by the US illegally

UPDATE 2025 hrs 9TH APRIL 2018

About 9 hours after posting this I came home and my 17 year old son who I love very much tells me he has applied to join the ADF(Australian Defence Force) for his Gap Year next year! During the day I was thinking about my son and asked God how I could be a better father to him from now on…as I admitted to God I had not been a good father in the past. God shot back straight away:

” Don’t put him down. Show interest in what he is doing.”

I repented and agreed. It was about 3 hours before I came home and my son excitedly told me his news. God had prepared me and I showed genuine interest and expressed my pride in him telling him that he had a lot of courage to apply, and to commit his next year after leaving school to something so gruelling. “I am proud of you son!” and I shook his hand.

Author: Dennis Rhodes

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