Thank God for new converts

As I wrote about before, the Father led my steps to a desperate woman fleeing the drug culture. She was sitting on the pavement as her man was driven away by the police. She was 70 miles from her home without money or a vehicle and it was Christmas day. She babbled about not knowing who she was, and that her man was going to take her out into the bush to a sacred site to connect with who she really is. You see, she is an indigenous Australian. She was pretty strung out having used Meth the day before.

She spent Christmas day with us and then my wife agreed for her to stay with us a while…which led to me going with her to her city to pluck her 5 children from her sister in law who had been making money from having the older children(9 and 11) do traditional Aboriginal dance to the Rainbow Serpent! But recently they had danced to the Black Serpent which left both boys tormented by spirits that night to the point that one awoke in the night squirming like a python.

Amazing how Satan has deceived the white left wing do gooders into backing the full restoration of Indigenous culture. It is totally demonic and the people are in bondage to demonic powers that whites do not even believe are real.

Yet in 2015 at Christmas the Lord led me in warfare against the Rainbow spirit here in my region. I was motivated to battle because we took a serious hit as a family. I cannot or will talk about what happened but God shall restore what has been stolen. Yet that victory in prayer is now developing a new twist.

This young mother of 5 just cannot stop telling people that Jesus has saved her and got her free from drugs and drinking. She knows very little Scripture yet. But since she was brought into our lives God has been working repentance and healing in our lives. Breaking up the fallow ground and challenging us with what we really want in life.

Yesterday I just happened to stop at the opening of a new skate park in our town as my teenage son was there doing the music. As I pulled up in my car there was the sister hugging my son and introducing him to other Indigenous people. It turned out that another large family had heard about her escape from the drug scene in the other far away city and had done a runner as well. They have a house here now.

As soon as I met them I felt oppression on my head the same as when we snatched the children from the shared family home on boxing day. The same devils are on this new family. But with the newly saved sister I  had cast them out and off her when she came to see that I was right. The oppressing demons left her and she got filled with the Holy Spirit instead! She spoke in tongues and just glowed with Jesus. Now this other family have turned up she senses the same as I do—the same demons are on them. Please pray that God delivers them all for His glory and their freedom.

Let me be open…I am only a willing vessel. God through Jesus is the power and the truth.

I led the sister in repentance and renunciation of all the indigenous ancestral worship and fear of demons and totems. It was awesome and beautiful to see the Lord Jesus do what He does. Right in our home that sister who had been in the Devil’s grip all her life was set free. She now knows who she is–a child of God, made in His image, made to glorify His name.

With her around I have been having to tighten up my own life too. Tonight I flushed 18 bottles of beer down the toilet in an act of repentance. Now I personally believe that all things are lawful for me but not all things are helpful and I will not brought into bondage to anything. A beer is not a sin to me….But getting drunk would be. But after visiting the sister last evening and hearing her rejoice because she no longer needs to drink alcohol and no longer even thinks about doing drugs….and seeing her beaming face full of Jesus…I felt myself feeling awkward and turning a little side on –you know –my body language gave me away…I could not face front-on to her…I don’t know if she noticed , but I sure did!! I do not want to stumble my new sister by my freedom to drink beer!

Today at home with my precious longsuffering wife I read 5 chapters of John’s gospel and saw that though the light was in the world men refused to come to the light because they knew that the dark works they practised would be exposed as evil. I saw that in order to receive living water Jesus gave a repentance opportunity to the woman of Samaria. First He made her thirsty for living water that satisfies fully and when she asked for it He says–-“Go, call your husband, and come here.” Jn4:16

Of course the truth was she was fornicating with a man who was not her husband…she had had 5 husbands before him. Jesus was not condemning her at all–He was simply wanting her to be real and open about herself.  Not one word of condemnation from Jesus!  He wants us to be real not pretend. Jesus said to the Pharisees that they searched the Scriptures for in them they thought they had eternal life–but were not willing to come to Him for LIFE. They were big on exterior show and head knowledge but empty of a living real sincere relationship with God on the inside. To receive Life we must repent of all show and pretence mustn’t we?

People need to be rescued from darkness–real satanic powers and demon spirits. If we are pretending and hiding things and not walking in sincerity toward people and towards God then those demons will mock us and jump on us as well. A lot of churches today have moved right away from the power of the gospel to set souls free–but the Devil is still the devil and demons are still demons. They need to be kicked out!

When I spoke into this girl’s life on Christmas day there in my old   car as she wept I told her that God calls her “My daughter” and that she is a child of God that He has been searching for. She came home to God. In  fact that day when I suggested she come home with me for Christmas dinner–me a total stranger and a white man–her, a younger woman on her own with no one knowing where she was because she had fled with her druggie fella to find herself.. leaving all her kids behind..she was frightened on one hand but agreed on the other. We went by the Police station first to check on her friend, but the officer said they had taken him to the city lockup some 130km away. He told me to my face to have nothing to do with these bad people. I said “that is my choice”. He said “you are making a great mistake they are more seriously bad than you can know”

Yet God’s Fatherly hand was upon me and now she is born again and delivered living in our town with her children. All the children are changed. The oppression of the enemy is gone and they are happy, though still need deliverance and healing too. Please pray that God does a complete work of restoring and establishing this family.

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