Saved and delivered

God does amazing things doesn’t he? On Christmas day we took a lost soul into our home. The police told me to “have nothing to do with these bad people”. He said that because he had dealt with her and her friends and family over many years. Notorious drug users and as a result petty criminals.

She sat at our table for Christmas dinner…Then my wonderful wife agreed to let her bring her children until they found a place to live here in our small town.

That meant driving an hour and a half to her city and confronting her family. Immediately when we pulled up in the car I could feel oppression upon my head and knew we had entered the enemies camp. Our new friend was immediately assaulted, her sister in law punched her in the mouth as she held her 18 month old son! She fell to the ground. I was in the car praying, wondering what the heck to do.

As the two of them cussed at each other loud enough for the whole street to hear, bringing up all the past and slinging it at each other, I stood with her on the front lawn in between them at times as the older woman clenched her fist to strike in anger again.

Hats off to social workers!! I am not one and this episode was crazy bad! Her brother came home as they yelled, her elder dad sat in the parked car impotent, unable to intervene because of alcoholism’s effects over many years. The brother(one of six) brought some restraint to his wife and as the three of them faced off, the 5 little child weaved their way through , past them to my 8 seater van over the road.

Other indigenous families were now walking towards us from down the street, brought by the screaming and cursing. I guess they saw me the only white guy and may have thought I was trouble. But my desperate female friend cried and assured them I was a good man.

I did not know that my friend was a long term Meth user until hearing all these accusations filling the air…and I was helping bring her family of kids to our peace filled home?!

I was like— “God What are you getting us into???!!!”

Somehow we managed to get out of there and began to drive home 130 km away. We passed the police van heading to the house in her suburb and wondered if they would turn back after us….but no.

Since then we have endured with the Father as he slowly melted the hearts of the 5 children and touched the heart of the dear little mother only 32 years old. My 2 teenage children still at home have become their older siblings and my wife and I grandparents.

A few days ago we led the mum to Jesus and in renouncing her past connections and sins. The demons that had plagued her left and the Peace of God filled her. She loves Jesus now cause He came into her and filled her.

It has been a little over a month since she used Meth/Ice. The Department of Child Protection has warned her that she will lose her children next time and she must have urine tests at random.

Since giving her heart to Jesus His favour has showered her even more. It has been amazing to see the love and favour of God in action as He touches this little town and people donate items of furniture. She moves into her own rental home in a week and the kids start at a school nearby(walking distance) on Thursday. The School waived all fees for them, which is astounding. All know that she has been a druggie…who has now become a Jesus believer.

Truly God is Good!!

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