Depart from me Lord

Peter told Jesus “Depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man”. Thus guilt and shame drives Jesus far away from our consciousness.

Jesus death and resurrection was made to totally cleanse our hearts so that we would no longer carry any guilt or shame. No more consciousness of sins.

Through unbelief and ignorance of what Jesus has done for us the Serpent uses shame and guilt to drive Jesus far away from our consciousness…in fact to a faraway place called Heaven.
The Christian then spends all his days wondering if he is worthy of heaven when he shall stand before the son of Man. His fear of being exposed as a sinner by Jesus puts him in fear and trembling–he then tries harder to correct the balance so that righteous deeds outweigh evil deeds.

He has forgotten(or never realised)that his sins have been cleansed. This is convenient for religion. Religion thrives on guilt and shame being left intact in the minds and consciousness of it’s adherents. The more shame and guilt the more is accomplished by the “believer”.

Yet for the accomplishments of the Church the world is still lost. The Church has totally failed because guilt and shame and unbelief are it’s ways and means, it’s engine room. Jesus finished work means nothing…and in fact it is scorned…for if we accept His finished work then religion takes a big hit.

So we have relegated Jesus to a faraway heaven…one who looks down at us keeping score on what we do and don’t do.

Do we realise that Jesus has come to live inside us? That He has cleansed us totally and now lives fully inside of us? There is nothing unworthy about us any more…we are His body, His literal body, flesh of His flesh and bone of His bones. We are as He is in this world…right now.

Jesus one sacrifice for sins ensures that we walk with NO CONSCIOUSNESS of sins any more as we believe in what He did and does constantly for us. This no consciousness of sins is the foundation of our boldness to believe He is NOT FAR AWAY–BUT NEAR , even in our heart and in our mouths.

Jesus is the Life we live, Jesus is the one we live in and He in us. Heaven is not up there, but in us–our spirit. Heaven and earth are ONE inside of us. We are a perfect union of both–filled full with Jesus.

So there is no more depart from me Lord Jesus….and no more wishing He would come to you, but afraid He will not –but full assurance and confidence that He is in you, with you and is ONE with you forever.

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