Speaking the truth in love

A very common but ugly attitude in Christian circles is displayed when someone tells some hard truths to another person and feels justified in doing so by using Paul’s admonition to “speak the truth in love”. Brother you are behaving badly! Brother you are an angry person! Brother if only you were not so pig … Continue reading Speaking the truth in love

Fall into the ground

We know that Jesus was/is the grain of wheat that fell into the ground. He died and was buried in the ground. When He was raised up, it was so that He would live all those who believe in Him into life. We have believed in Jesus–the One who is always leading us to death … Continue reading Fall into the ground

Let me preach the whole verse

I see that my brethren still preach half verses and this only keeps the blinders on. Let me give an example. I don’t know how many times I have had brethren throw half verses at me to convict me as guilty. Here is one of them. “It is appointed to me to die once then … Continue reading Let me preach the whole verse

Depart from me Lord

Peter told Jesus "Depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man". Thus guilt and shame drives Jesus far away from our consciousness. Jesus death and resurrection was made to totally cleanse our hearts so that we would no longer carry any guilt or shame. No more consciousness of sins. Through unbelief and ignorance … Continue reading Depart from me Lord