Soulish Prayers

I wonder how many Christians realise that some kinds of prayers for other people cause headaches and fever and other symptoms of sickness? Many times in my short Christian experience I have come under attack not from demons but from well meaning brethren.
Whenever we pray that God would make someone else do this or do that…that is witchcraft. The true God does not force anyone to do anything.
When we pray at other people instead of to God for them this is also dangerous. There are those who will hold a person in their minds eye and pray at that person, releasing what they imagine to be the Holy Spirit…or the anointing.  Show me where that is in Scripture. These are binding prayers which release energy at the person…soulish energy.

Prayer – from “The Latent power of the soul” Watchman Nee – 1928

The prayers in the Bible are intelligent and not silly. When the Lord Jesus teaches us to pray, His first words are: “Our Father who art in heaven”. He teaches us to pray to our Father in heaven, but we Christians often pray to the God in our room. Our prayer should be offered to the heavenly Father for Him to hear. God wants us to send
our prayers to heaven by faith, regardless if our feeling be good or bad, or even if there be no feeling. If you pray to, and expect to be heard by, the God in your room, I am afraid you will receive many strange feelings and miraculous experiences and visions from the God in your room. These are given to you by Satan, and whatever you receive from Satan belongs either to consciousness or sub-consciousness.
Someone may not pray to the God in his room. He may direct his prayers instead towards the person for whom he prays. This too is most dangerous. Suppose you have a friend who is over two thousand miles away from you. You pray for him, asking God, as the case might be, to either revive him in the Word or to save him.
Instead of directing your prayer towards God, you concentrate on your thought, your expectation, and your wish and send them out to your friend as a force. Your prayer is like a bow which shoots your thought, desire and wish as arrows towards your friend. He will be so oppressed by this force that he will do exactly what you have asked for. You may think your prayer is answered. But let me tell you, it is not God who answers your prayer, for you have not prayed to Him. It is merely an answer to a prayer which you directed towards your friend.
Someone claims his prayer is answered because, says he, “I have piled prayers on my friend.” Indeed, for you prayed towards him, not towards God. Your prayer is answered, but not by God.
Even though you do not know hypnosis, what you have secretly done has fulfilled
the law of hypnotism. You have released your psychic force to perform this act.
Why is this so? Because you have not prayed to the God in heaven; instead your prayers are projected towards, piled upon, and laid seige to, the person for whom you pray. In appearance you are praying, but in actuality you are oppressing that person with your
psychic power.
If you use your soul force in praying for a certain one—say you pray that he should be at least disciplined if not punished—the prayer of your soul force will dart out at him and he will accordingly be sick. This is a fixed principle of the soul. It is as sure as the fact that a person will be scorched if he thrusts his finger into fire.
For this reason, we should not pray a prayer that asks that a person be punished if he does not do what is expected of him. Such prayer will cause him to suffer, and thus make the one who prayed such a prayer the instigator of his woe. If we pray, we should pray to God and not towards man.

Watchman Nee tells of the time Christians “prayed” for him

I personally have experienced the ill-effect of such prayer. Several years ago I was sick for over a year. This was due to the prayers of five or six persons being piled upon me. The more they prayed, the weaker I became. Finally I discovered the cause. I began to resist such prayers, asking God to disengage me from what they had prayed for. And so I got well. In this connection, let me quote from a letter written by a believer:
*I have just come through a terrible onslaught of the enemy. Hemorrhage, heart affection, panting and exhaustion. My whole body is in a state of collapse. It suddenly burst upon me while at prayer to pray against all psychic power exercised upon me by(psychic) ‘prayer’. By faith in the power of the Blood of Christ, I cut myself off from it, and the result was remarkable. Instantly my breathing became normal, the hemorrhage stopped, exhaustion vanished, all pain fled, and life came back into my body. I have been refreshed and invigorated ever since. God let me know in confirmation of this deliverance, that my condition was the effect of a group of deceived souls, who are in opposition to me, ‘praying’ about me! God had used me to the deliverance of two of them, but the rest are in an awful pit ….

Mrs. Jessie Penn-Lewis,
Soul and Spirit. Poole, Dorset, England, Overcomer Literature
Trust, 1968?, p.58. Also available in the United States from Christian Literature Crusade,
Fort Washington, Pa.

My experience

I have learned that headaches and temperatures are not always natural. I can discern when well meaning brethren pray for me. I feel it on the top of my head like someone trying to drill a hole through my skull. My young daughter who is sensitive always gets a headache and a fever and prickly skin when this is occurring.
As I begin to cut us free from the psychic/soulish prayers aimed against us all of us sense a release and relief come.
I know without a doubt when this is occurring. Sometimes I know where it is coming from usually I don’t. But simply by cutting us free from the psychic prayers we get relief.
When I went to India to preach –afterwards we encountered a lot of these attacks. The man who hosted me was praying at us with his soul. He was also getting all the orphans in his care to pray that I would give them money.
We would come under attack every pay day! Then at night he would phone me and tell me his needs and tell me, “We are all praying for you brother Dennis.”
My reply was, “Yes brother I have felt it all day!”
The funny thing is that before I went on that trip I was given a vision whilst in worship.
I saw a huge black spider bouncing towards me and my family.
I took it as a warning but had no clear discernment about it.
Only afterwards did it become apparent that the Spider(represented a web of lies and of getting stuck in a predator’s web, entangled with him unable to get away as he slowly sucks all the life out of us.
Last night, 24 hours ago I went to go out our front door to take the garbage outside and there on the porch right in front of the door was a large black spider! (Pic at the top)Now today we have been attacked all day since about 10am WST.
God is good who gives us light in the battle that we may face for speaking truth in His name.
24″ from our front door

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