Jesus is declaring Father

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only life you have and His life is bound up with that of the Father for there is only One Life. There is only One life for there is only ONE GOD- The Father…without Father there is no Jesus and without Jesus we cannot know Father.
Everything that Jesus is, is the outflowing of the Father…I did not focus on what Jesus did back then…though that was Father too..but in the spirit where He lives there is no time. And so for you too who live in the spirit there is no God who did this and that back then. There is only Father who is always working doing His wonders sustaining all things through His Word–Jesus. And that Jesus..that same Jesus is now your only life in your spirit, overflowing to your soul and body.
That living Word of the Father is Jesus…yet now Jesus has become your I that lives in your mortal body. That Jesus who is your ONLY spirit is always declaring and showing forth Father to you and to all through you…even when you do not know it…actually especially when we do not know it.
Father declares you to be His son in whom He is WELL PLEASED. Because you have done some good thing? No! Just because you came forth from His heart. He is well pleased with that which originates from Himself….YOU!!
Your life is declaring into the spirit realm FATHER LIVES …Father loves….Father sustains….Father forgives….Father suffers long… Father does not keep a record of wrongs done….Father is patient and kind…YOUR life is declaring these things for JESUS is your only life..the you that you are…the I that lives now that the old I has been crucified.
You are already at home in the house of the Lord for you are that house right now.

A PRAYER TO FATHER – by Daniel Yordy
As you read, put your own full name in the blank. Remember as you read, this is Jesus speaking to Father about you.

Father, the hour is come. Glorify Father’s Son, that Father’s Son also glorifies Father; as Father gives Him authority over ____’s flesh, the Son gives eternal life to ____ whom Father gives Him. And this is eternal life, that ____ may know Father, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Father sends. I glorify Father on the earth. I finish the work Father gives me to do. And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Father, with the glory I have with Father before the world is.
I manifest Father’s name to ____ whom Father gives Me out of the world. ____ is Father’s, Father gives ____ to Me, and ____ keeps Father’s word. Now ____ knows that all things which Father gives Me are from Father. For I give to ____ the words which Father gives Me; and ____ receives them (as a woman receives seed from her husband), and knows surely that I come forth from Father; and ____ believes that Father sends Me.
I pray for ____. I do not pray for the world but for ____ whom Father gives Me, for ____ is Father’s. And all Mine are Father’s, and Father’s are Mine, and I am glorified in ____. Now I am no longer in the world, but ____ is in the world, and I come to Father. Holy Father, keep through Father’s name ____ whom Father gives Me, that ____ may be one as Father and I are one.
While I was with them in the world, I kept them in Father’s name. ____, whom Father gives Me, I keep in Father’s name. . . But now I come to Father, and these things I speak in the world by which My joy is fulfilled in ____. I give ____ Father’s word; and the world has hated ____. . . I do not pray that Father take ____ out of the world, but that Father keep ____ from the evil one. . . Sanctify ____ by Father’s truth. Father’s word is truth. As Father sent Me into the world, I also send ____ into the world. And for ____’s sake I sanctify Myself, by which ____ also is sanctified by Father’s truth.
I . . . pray . . . for ____ who believes in Me. . . that ____ (and all who are Mine) are one, as Father, Father, is in Me and I in Father; that ____ (and all Mine) also are one in Father and Me, that the world may believe that Father sent Me. And the glory which Father gives Me I give ____, that ____ may be one just as Father and I are one: I in ____ and Father in Me; that ____ (and all Mine) are perfect in one, and that the world know that Father sends Me, and loves ____ as Father loves Me.
Father, I desire that ____ also whom Father gives me be with Me where I am (in Father), that ____ beholds My glory which Father gives Me; for Father loves Me before the foundation of the ages. O righteous Father! The world has not known Father, but I know Father; and ____ knows that Father sends Me. And I declare to ____ Father’s name, and declare Father’s name, that the love with which Father loves Me is in ____, and I in ____.
Father, Father! Know Him; know Him! God is all about experience, all about knowing.
Listen, read this over and over with your own full name in the blanks. This is what Jesus really prayed, praying directly into each one of us by name – And I call them by name, and they follow Me. Let the reality of Jesus speaking Father into you, personally and real, sink so fully into you that you cannot know anything else.
When we remove the pronoun and just use Father, then Father appears 64 times in Jesus’ prayer alone. Then, to really get the urgency and passion of Father’s heart, look back through Father in the Old Testament and lay the poverty of Father as they knew Him for 4033 years against the Abundance of Father Jesus prayed into us.
How the church has not known Father either; though He has been right there on the page inside of Jesus all along.
Taken from the Chapter “Father” in Daniel Yordy’s book, “The Two Gospels”

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  1. I understand what you are saying Dennis about our Abba Father being in us through Jesus The Living Word and The Holy Spirit although some do not. Being The Godhead or Trinity which They are called today, They are One in Spirit as the link below confirms with Scripture.
    The Trinity –
    1John 5:7 For there are Three that bear record in Heaven, The Father, The Word and The Holy Ghost and These Three are One.
    Blessings – Anne.

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