No sufficiency

Having the knowledge of your emptiness sets you free.
Only the weak attract God’s grace
Only the poor, the needy, the outcast.
What a show we put on with all of our strength- it is all pretending. It is all a puff of wind, stubble ready to be burned.

“Who am I and what is my father’s house that you take knowledge of me?”

Well actually you are no better than the terrorist or the criminal rotting in jail. Why do we think we are better than other men? Do we think we attract God with our righteousness and good deeds? Better to ask God to show us the truth.
At the well of Jacob Jesus asked the Samaritan woman to give Him a drink.
Why do you a Jew ask me a Samaritan woman for a drink?!
Jesus was not pretending to be something. He was He Himself, a man, a human being. He was tired and thirsty.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst- for they shall be filled.
She was also hungry and thirsty…and subsequently she was filled. At first people do not realise that we are all like this woman. We are all hungry and thirsty. We are all empty! All of us are totally empty.
Oh we fill our lives with things and busy ourselves with chores and jobs and careers BUT we are still totally empty. Jesus new this about her- for it was the same for Him. After all He was a man like us. He needed no bucket to draw water up from the well… for His being is watered by spirit within.
Being empty is not wrong it is normal for any human being.
But being empty and denying it is different. Man has lost his way. We think we are sufficient for any task. We think we have what it takes to do the job. Darkness has covered our minds and our own emptiness is not seen. God would have us all to see our own emptiness that He might flow in and fill us. He would have us to drink from His well that if a person drinks from it they shall never thirst again. Constantly, always, without a moment knowing our own emptiness–so that constantly without a moment we are filled to the full with God’s goodness.
When Lucifer grew proud of himself he was cast out of God’s presence. The way back into God’s presence then is to humble ourselves.
Admit our emptiness to God, admit our inability to people. Ask for a drink from someone stigmatised in society. Ask for help from someone we have thought needed help themselves. Stop putting ourselves above others.
There is no one above anyone. Not even God is above us for he is busy washing feet, kneeling down, serving the lowest. There is no sign on God’s door saying President. There is no sign on God’s door saying Manager. Yes He is the President, He is the Manager…but He does not think of Himself in those terms as if that is His identity.
If you want to be the greatest you must serve others from the heart

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