When good is bad

What do we do when the truth is found 180 degrees in the opposite direction than what we have been told?
When the good guys turn out to be the bad guys?
911 was carried out by Israel.
The 47 storey World trade centre building 7 was a demolished by professional detonation charges inside the building. The owner (Silverstein) of the building stated We decided to “pull it.” He expects us to believe that they set the charges on 9/11 and brought it down, even though it takes weeks to properly set the charges.
Hitler stood up to the Zionist bankers and kicked them out of Germany thus incurring the wrath of the Rothschild’s.
Israel is not Israel…and is not a Holy land.
Jerusalem is not a Holy city.
The US Government knew Pearl Harbour was being attacked and deliberately turned the radars off.
The CIA killed JFK.
The JP Murrah building in Oklahoma was bombed from within by previously placed bombs NOT from a lone truck bomb parked on the outside. The people who worked there were warned to not come to work that day.
The FDA repeatedly pass dangerous cancer causing substances as safe to eat.
Aspartame 951  is one such chemicals – artificial sweeteners. Aspartame is in most diet drinks and all Wrigleys chewing gum. Every monkey fed aspartame during testing by Searle Corporation developed lesions on the brain and/ or brain tumours yet the FDA passed Aspartame as safe for human consumption. Donald Rumsfeld was in charge of Searle at the time.
Mobile phones or Cell phones cause brain tumours as well. Even the United nations have come out stating this to be the case.
Vaccines are filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff that harm infants and adults. Again, the UN have and even the FDA too…that vaccines can cause autism.
The US military and it’s allied nations are not a force for peace and good in the world. Rather they work for the International bankers.
Millions of children are taught by well meaning Christian parents that if they do not believe in the loving God of the Bible they will burn in Hell forever. Perhaps this deception is the greatest of them all and underpins why we as Western nations have no qualms about dropping bombs upon Muslim people. After all, we reason, “They shall all burn in Hell for all eternity anyway.” This was also the thinking of the Vatican during the Inquisitions when they burned at the stake thousands of people who would not submit to the Pope.
What a surprise westerners will get when we finally come to see the many many lies we have believed and the horrific crimes we have supported. Ignorance is bliss they say…but it is not excuse. There will be a judgement day and all will be held accountable for what they have done in the body whether good or bad.

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