I know absolutely nothing!
I am absolutely a nobody.
Yet God is with me all the time, working in me mightily by His power.
I fail everyday in many ways.
Yet my Saviour has me in His hug of love.
He says, “This being hard on yourself has got to stop son.”
Failure is a constant experience in this life mixed in with some success…so what! We are learning, growing advancing with God, never stagnant, always moving forward with Him to greater degrees of faith and grace.
Just as a plant grows from seed to vine so are we growing. God is doing it.
We may think that the plant that we are is pretty rotten…a failure for sure….but God is forming what He wants to form out of us.
It is hard. Life is hard. But God is sweeter than wine….so gentle yet so firm.
The past may accuse you….Jesus has covered it.
The present may overwhelm you…Jesus is with you.
The future may hold no hope and only worry—God shall fulfil His promises to you.
There is a reward for those who continue with Jesus, enduring patiently in this life. There is a reason for all things–He knows….you do not have to know.
The Shepherd is with you, weak little lamb, He is watching over all that concerns you. His thoughts towards you are more than can be numbered.

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