You want me don’t you

helmetThe blind only see what they want to see
The deaf only hear what they want to hear
The hungry man eats but is not satisfied
The wealthy never have enough
Naked women rule the minds of millions
But Money mocks God and says, “I am Queen!”
Grasping and clawing for more is all pervasive
The world is like a black hole sucking everyone into itself to be found no more.
Dare go against it and you will feel it’s wrath and isolation…you will feel it’s accusing hatred saying…

“Who are you!! to not fall in love with me?!
Don’t you want me–yes you dooo want me don’t you?!
What the eyes can feast upon but the heart can never have and the hands can never touch.
You want me…gotta have me.
Lust is my name–uncleanness is my shame—Oh how I will cover you in it and bury your face until you will hide from the Light forever.”

But …
The Lord sits enthroned above the flood of filth…
The Lord Jesus sits enthroned in my heart —Nothing has changed that reality.
Though the world and the spirit of the world may pour filth and speak abominable things in my mind–Jesus Christ of Nazareth–God –dwells in my heart and is with me always.
Though the proud join forces they shall not escape the judgement of God.
Malevolent filthy spirits that hate Jesus, sent to torment the believer to make him think he is far from God…..they shall not escape the judgement of God–NOW IT COMES–NOW IT FALLS UPON THE HEAD OF THE WICKED…
I speak not about people but foul and loathsome spirits.
God is here to deliver us–just speak that name–
The highest name–J.E.S.U.S.
say his name –if it is only a weak whisper—say his name
Like a light in a dark room
Like the dawning of the sun

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