He saved others

This is just a quick little blog about the Life that we have in us.

The Life that we have received is the Life of Jesus the Messiah. His Life is not something separate from Himself. He is The Life. If we have Jesus we have life, if we do not have Jesus we do not have life but some ‘other’ running our show. Now I could interject with many Scriptures to prove my points but I will leave that up to the Spirit to reveal that to you as you go along on your journey.

This Life we received through a gift from above. God just cannot help Himself. Literally!
He is always giving Himself away to whoever will receive Him.
While we were yet sinners, lost and at war with God He saved us and forgave us.
Pretty neat hey?
He gave us His Son..Therefore He gave us His heart…His spirit…His word…His Life…His Truth…His peace…His Righteousness…His Holiness…His Glory.

God does not just give a little, He gave us all things, for all things belong to the Son…And we have received Him as our very own Life. He is the “new Spirit I will put within you” that Ezekiel prophesied. He is the visible manifestation of the Holy God….the

Express image..He is God! This is the Life we have received from Him if we have been given faith in Jesus of Nazareth- the Saviour of all men.

When it came time for Jesus to offer up His life as a sacrifice for our sins…and not only ours but all the world from the beginning of time to the end of time….Mockers said some things about Jesus that describe perfectly His Life.

Mat 27:41 Likewise the chief priests also, mocking with the scribes and elders, said,
Mat 27:42 “He saved others; Himself He cannot save….”

He saved others.

Yes, He did that for 42 months prior to these words being spat at Him. He saved others.

For this purpose have I come. To save others.
For this purpose have I come. To lay down my life for others.
He became one of us so that He could save all of us. He put on skin and muscle and bone and took the lowly place on the earth. He became weak…a mere man. He associated with the humble, he hung around with everyday people.

Himself He cannot save.

Actually He could have called upon 12 legions of angels and saved Himself from the torture of the cross. HE could have taken a pain killer- the sour wine- but He refused it as soon as He tasted it. He bore all our pain and carried all our sicknesses and the cutting blows of the whip upon His back we were healed.

Us He saved….Himself He did not save.

He poured out His life for us like water from a cup. Reckless love. His death saved us…forgave us…healed us…made us whole.
His resurrection three days later brought Life to us, revealed the Spirit to us and put within us a new heart.
This same self sacrificing Life is the Life that we are. We cannot help but die for others. We cannot help but give our all for others.

The Life within us compels us. We are as He is.

We are not mindful of the things of man, but the things of God.

We go with Him. He goes with us. We are One.

Do we save ourselves? We may be trying to save ourselves, but the Father is more powerful than us. He is always working to see that the Life we cling to is given up for the Life that endures. If we say no to Him today…He is patient and will meet us up ahead on the trail.

Again He will give us a choice to make–lose your life to find it.

Choose Jesus.

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