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A wonderful brother from Europe asked a question of me back on the 6th May which I feel was done to stir our mutual faith up…Here is his question in italics and then my response.

The past few months I begin to experience that I become older and have to surrender relative to my health. However, Paul says not to lose heart (2 Cor. 4:16), because it serves as a preparation (vs. 17). So everything is part of His council and will.
Recently I was reminded about the matter of inner healing. In fact I follow your approach that we ARE healed persons, because we died with Christ and are raised as new persons. That would cover everything when it comes to the soul, our psychic side and what is covered by psychology, though Christians still may have for example borderline. However, when it comes to the physical, we don’t follow that approach. We still go to doctors and hospitals to GET healed and don’t refuse it and say that a dead person doesn’t go to a hospital. Wouldn’t that leave room, in analogy to physical health, to stretch out to psychic health and consult specialists/ therapists to treat for example borderline? Where lies the difference  in being dead relative to the psychical and to the physical?
What I do see clearly, is that everything belongs to God, every domain. Everything then is weighed by God as to whether it is of the light and built on the one foundation of Christ. If not, it is wood, hay, and stubble. In that light I would appreciate it if you have some additional thoughts on this difference between the psychical and the physical.
Yours in His grace,


 My Reply

Hi brother
You answered your own question brother.
What I do see clearly, is that everything belongs to God, every domain.
There is no ” difference  in being dead relative to the psychical and to the physical.”
We walk by faith in every realm.

1Th 5:23  Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
1Th 5:24  He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.
1Th 5:25  Brethren, pray for us.

We are ONE….I don’t see any need to divide ourselves up like Brother Nee did in his big book. Too introspective, which is what he feared would be the result of reading his work. I see his influence in your questions, no?
Anyway, God bless Brother Nee.
But I put his stuff away years back because it was my soul trying to find healing and maturity by mental understanding.
We are what we are. If we are getting old, praise God…we look at the unseen things. If we have failing health, praise God, what can we do about it? Go to the Doctor? Eat herbal remedies? Each man must decide what to do himself. No condemnation, only weakness.
Weakness is the constant with us the container…whether our mental ability or our physical ability…but in every thing we are doing we are not alone are we?
In everything give thanks for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. There is no difference whether we have pain in the soul or pain the body, all we can do is give thanks that He has us completely.
As far as whether an individual decides to go to a specialist or a doctor for relief, that is his decision to make. No condemnation either way, for everything belongs to God, even our decisions

Your first statement is the faith of Christ in us…the faith of the Son of God that we now live by. You said first that
“everything belongs to God, every domain”.
But then you add what Paul said about the judgement seat
Everything then is weighed by God as to whether it is of the light and built on the one foundation of Christ. If not, it is wood, hay, and stubble.”
This is the paradox or the two positions that I wavered back and forth in between for a long time and it drove me mad.

But the day(March 8th 2016) I simply decided by His grace working in me, to accept His judgement as my only true reality, then I ceased to have any responsibility to make sure I am building upon Christ. I do not worry at all whether I am building upon Christ or not. He has all of me. He is doing with me what He wants…and with you too.
One thing I noticed about the King James version is that the same word that is translated as knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men….is simply translated as fear elsewhere.
What I have been delivered from is this terror of the Lord. He has taken us fully, physically and soulically and of course spiritually. Every realm is His, and every realm is under His care and jurisdiction and administration for His glory, whether in weakness or the seeming strength of youth, all is Him working in us and as us and through us…so that if I am healthy it is Him, and if I am sick it is Him…if I am broke and poor it is Him and if I am wealthy and rich in the things of this world it also  is Him. It cannot be any other way if He is my God.
Only in that place of knowing in His sovereignty in us can we really rest…and it is the rest that He is bringing us all into.
The other way is to be in terror of God and the judgement. This terror goads us and forces us into decisions in an effort to do things that are gold and silver and not wood and hay. We take the heavy yoke of responsibility upon our necks.
We just keep speaking like Paul. Crazy irresponsible things. He has delivered me, He does deliver me and we know He will still deliver me. Every realm is taken care of…so we do not surrender to sickness or death, but we surrender to God. We surrender , as you know and have taught me before, by agreeing and with God in His judgement upon our old man and His declaration of who we are now. None of the old church songs, like,
“All to Jesus I surrender” even touch on the truth that Paul saw.
What has a dead man got that he needs to surrender?
Bless you

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