Why all the bad if God is so good?

 'If God is all powerful he cannot be all good and if he is all good he cannot be all powerful and neither can you"
‘If God is all powerful he cannot be all good and if he is all good he cannot be all powerful and neither can you”

In the latest Batman V Superman movie the villain says to Superman the statement quoted above. This is just another variation of the original lie that Satan put in the mind of Eve in the garden-

Gen 3:4 Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.
Gen 3:5 For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Satan was inferring that God was holding something good back from them, that He was selfish and not to be trusted. He was maligning God’s pure heart and character to them and they agreed with the Serpent, falling into darkness like him.
It is common for us to put upon God what we ourselves think He must be like. The way we know ourselves will effect the way we view God. If we think that we are not to be trusted, then neither can God be trusted. This was Satan’s problem of course. He was the first rebel who then infected all mankind with his rebellious nature complete with his internal belief system about God.
God is all powerful and He is all good.
It does not appear that way of course when we look at all of the injustices inflicted by wicked people upon those weaker than themselves.  Lex Luthor mentions in his bitter speech that God never saved him when he cried out for help as a young boy. Many can say the same thing. Does that mean God is not good? Does it mean that He is not all powerful?
When Joseph was thrown into the empty well by his 10 brothers I am sure he cried out to God for deliverance. The answer came through being pulled up out of that pit by slave traders who then took the boy to Egypt and sold him into slavery. He was only a lad, where was God? To him it was a funny way of answering prayer indeed. Years later he could confidently say that what happened to him was GOOD because it was God’s will to save many people. God who is all powerful arranged the whole thing! God who is all loving was with Joseph throughout the whole episode from the pit to the palace.
It must have seemed to Joseph that God was a mean, nasty, uncaring Being, a fraud! What happened to Joseph happened by God’s design Who knows all things. Peace came to Joseph in prison when at last he could say to his brothers – ‘Don’t be afraid all is of God.’ The Devil meant it for evil….you brothers meant it for evil….you uncle who raped me when I was young meant it for evil…you who teased me and mocked me meant it for evil…you who murdered my parents meant it for evil….but God works all things together for good in my life.
I know what it is like to blame God for all of our troubles. I know what it is like to struggle with depression and anger and self loathing. Behind all of it is the lie that God is not all powerful or He is not good. We scream at God – WHY??? And then proceed to tell Him why these things happen to us. We either blame ourselves or we blame God. We eventually realise, at least mentally that God is not the problem so it must be us, we are the problem.
Once we come to that place of placing the blame upon ourselves for all the various problems we face we have a choice to make. Will we try hard to fix ourselves up and make our selves better or will we walk by faith in Jesus.
Most try to fix themselves. That is the normal thing to do of course. But have you ever considered the fact that Paul said ‘when I am weak then I am strong’?
God did not save you so that you would become a better you. Shocked?
What is salvation anyway? Most think it is going to heaven when they die. Yes, that’s is a part of it, but NOT the main deal. Salvation is Jesus Christ. He is the salvation of God.
You are saved through having Jesus Himself live in your spirit. You don’t change being you in the sense that you are still the same bumbling fumbling nervous you. What changes is your heart. Jesus comes in to be your Life…your inner self…your nature….your identity. In yourself you are still afraid, nervous, sometimes moody, weak!! And God wants it that way.
In your weakness His grace/Life is all the strength that you need in any situation. It may appear to you that you fail because you are still making mistakes or you feel nervous or weak….but at the same time you are being you, He is being Himself in you. He is being God as you in all your weak failing condition.
We try to change ourself to get rid of all the weak stuff that we see is a problem for us….but it is those very things that God leaves the way they are!! Oh He may change a few things about you, but mostly He leaves it all the same. Jesus comes into your heart to BE YOU–WARTS AND ALL. He is not threatened by our weak condition.
We have the wrong idea about Jesus. When HE walked the earth 2000 years ago He walked as a weak human being in the likeness of a man. He said – “The Son can do NOTHING of Himself but what He sees the Father do.” He also said, “I can of mine own self DO NOTHING.” He could not even carry His own cross! He was weak!  Jesus did not worry that he was not taller, smarter, stronger. He did not try to change Himself to become better. He was simply an empty vessel for God to fill full with Himself and that is all we are too.
Each of us are clay pots made to contain Jesus Christ Himself in the spirit. The Life is the Spirit. It does not matter what the pot is like. God is happy to dwell in earthen vessels that are weak and odd. The clay pot does not have the responsibility to do anything except BE.
We get so bent out of shape and upset with ourselves because we think we are responsible to produce the Christian looking life. But all we are is a pot, with cracks and patches upon it. It is the inner life of Jesus WHO bears all responsibility to walk pleasing before the Father.
We keep trying to improve the pot but God says ‘I love you the way you are’. We keep trying to do things to be more useful to God…but He says rest in Me and you shall bear fruit.
Only if we are weak does His grace flow. The strong shut His grace off.
God will continually lead us to death where we know utter weakness in ourselves so that His life and strength and grace- JESUS-is made manifest in us at the same time. So how does this work?
We give thanks for our weaknesses whatever they may be. We give thanks for all our past, all the hurts, failures, confusion etc etc…GIVE THANKS. All is designed by God, and all is so that His grace shall magnify Jesus in us and through us and as us. So do not put yourself down in an effort to change yourself…stop that! Instead thank the Father that Jesus is your inner life, the real you. He is being Himself as you be yourself.
Grace and peace be multiplied to you.

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