Self righteousness supports eternal damnation doctrine

At the root of the dogmatic belief in a literal burning torture chamber forever and ever is the false idea that we by our own choosing have come to Christ and continue to stay true to Him. Most Christians simply cannot stand the idea that God will save ALL PEOPLE. We are enraged against the idea because we somehow believe that God should punish forever those who never chose to come to Jesus in their lifetime. We chose to come to Jesus…so we deserve heaven as a reward….but those who did not choose Jesus must suffer forever and ever and ever in unending flames. This is horrific! This is a slander upon God of the highest order!

I deserve heaven but those sinners who don’t believe deserve Hell. We seem to have forgotten that we too were sinners.

But we reason that we were not as bad a sinner as those other people who are going to a “lost eternity.” They are worthy of being damned forever….not us, God saved us…not them!!

We hate the idea that God would save the ones who lived a sinful life and ignored Jesus. But we forget that God saved us, even after we also had ignored Jesus and lived in sin for many years.

Our belief in a god that sends millions, even billions of souls to a lost eternity in a literal fire of torment and torture causes us to hate people today while we live. We do not care that millions in Yemen are being starved to death by the Saudi’s, America’s ally and friend. We do not care that millions of Palestinians are being down trodden and oppressed by the Israelis. We assume god hates these Arab people and that he shall fry them all in unending flames of torture, so why should we not help bomb and kill and starve them all?

We assume that god only loves those who love Jesus and hates all those who do not. God so loved the world that He gave…seems to be only an empty nursery rhyme that has no real meaning to us.

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