A prophetic utterance

Nations may rise and nations may fall, but the Lord endures forever. all the glory of man’s achievements, all the military might and weaponry, all the propaganda machinery, all the scheming , conniving, sabre rattling….it shall all fade away like the smoke…it shall all vanish away like a dream….it shall all be as a drop in the bucket when God arises and speaks forth his word. For the word of the Lord is a strong tower, those who are righteous run to it.

The nations rage and plot a vain thing…the peoples are in gross darkness and deep darkness descends upon them…but the word of the Lord endures….it gives understanding to the simple…it awakens the dawn…it brings deliverance to the captives and light to those who sit in darkness…the Word of the Lord is a strong tower!!

Jesus is the Word. No man can resist him, once he has spoken, twice in fact…power belongs to God. He rules the world in power and strength…his throne is exalted above the flood…the poor and the needy cry out to him and he hears their voice and delivers them from their trouble…their afflictions are many but the Lord is merciful and kind…he remembers that we are dust…he knows our frame…he loves us.

Near to all those who lean not upon the flesh is he….he is their rock and he is their salvation…God is my strength and my deliver…he is my portion and my help in time of need. Who shall deliver the poor man when he cries out? Who shall stand up for the cause of the poor? Is there not a man who will stand in the gap? Is there not one who will get into the breech? I am the Lord….I call and who will go for Me? I send, will you answer?

Be not afraid of those who can only kill the body I am with you, I am you shield and your buckler….to me…to me only shall you trust and not be ashamed…for I am the Lord who calls you by name. Do not doubt in your heart that i am sending you…for you shall know my peace and my portion upon your life…for as you have stepped out of the boat and trusted me thus far…so I am delighted and will honor the faith I have given to you.

This is the way…walk ye in it and be not afraid…I am with you in the fire I am with you in the miry clay. I am your God and there is no other…no one can snatch you out of my hand for I am greater, I am stronger, I am wiser….so look not to your daily prognostications…look not to your trusted friends… I alone am your guide and I will not fail to lead you into pastures green and rivers of blessing.

There is much I want to tell you but you are not able to bear it now…but you and I shall go on and we shall grow more and more into one person as you learn to hear my voice and lean not to your own understanding…for I have a work for you to do in these days says the Lord… a work that shall bring fulfillment to your soul and blessing to many…

so be not afraid or of a doubting mind… I will do it says your God for I am able!!

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