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Self righteousness supports eternal damnation doctrine

At the root of the dogmatic belief in a literal burning torture chamber forever and ever is the false idea that we by our own choosing have come to Christ and continue to stay true to Him. Most Christians simply…

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Flee the Hell god

How do you know that what you have been told about God is true? The Bible you say…..Okay, yes I agree–the Bible tells us a lot about God. But what if the translation team got some things wrong which has…

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Roundup for Breakfast

Monsanto’s Weed Killer Found in All Kids’ Cereals Sampled General Mills, Quaker and Kellogg’s, PepsiCo. Findings Released as Major Scientific Study Shows Eating Organic Lowers Cancer Risk By EWG Global Research, October 25, 2018 EWG 24 October 2018   A…

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Time is not eternity

Time is not anything to do with eternity. We hear people say things in conversation like, ” It seems to be taking an eternity” or  “It’s been an eternity since we won the final” or a surfer might say he…

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White hats vs Black hats

Many are excited that the white hats are taking down the black hats in the so called Deep State. Yet may I remind people mankind’s problems started when our natural father ate from the tree of the knowledge of good…

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Propaganda war

You will never come to know your heavenly Father’s heart while you are still terrified of Him. In the world today controlling what people believe is very important so much so that Governments spend billions of dollars to indoctrinate their…

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Those who are perishing

When I looked into his eyes I saw the horror and despair of a life full of pain. He sat there in his grubby clothes, stained from urine and snot from a runny nose. His eyes were yellowed where they…