Month: March 2017

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Depression in Zion

Rates of depression have risen by more than 18 per cent since 2005, with 300 million people estimated to suffer from the condition. SBS NEWS: 31st March 2017 In a world that is becoming more and more detached from relationships…

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Righteous now by exchange

Just as I wrote in the previous post on Romans 6:8 that we live with God now not in some distant future after we have died….so again I want to look at another verse which my brethren put off to…

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Not future but now

A common error in the translation of the Scriptures is to make many things mean sometime in the distant future when we die. Here is an example. Romans 6:8 (ASV) But if we died with Christ, we believe that we…

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So where does an unbeliever’s spirit go when they die?

My wife asked me last night so where does an unbeliever’s spirit go when they die? We had been talking about the scary bedtime prayer that a lot of Christian children would have prayed before bedtime since the 1700’s. Now…

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You are Adam no more

Listening to grace preachers has made me realise that they are leaving their sheep in Adam under a covering they call grace. They talk about God giving us grace that covers all our sin and shame and our past. The…

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A good conscience

I have been looking at Paul’s words in first Timothy for the last four posts. In the first verse he tells us that he was called according to the commandment of God.That charge or mandate from Jesus was to preach…

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Westminster 3/22

Over the years since the 9-11 terror event a prominent pattern has been seen in the reporting of numbers relevant to the events. The Westminster attack is certainly no different. It has all the signs of being an orchestrated false…

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From the Womb of the morning

First published 6th September 2016 – but added to for clarity Psa 110:1 A Psalm of David. The LORD said to my Lord,”Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.” Psa 110:2 The LORD shall send…

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The just shall live by faith

I heard a Christian song recently in which was sung “I will live my life for You.” It is this idea I want to investigate and preach on. Do we live our life for God? Almost all believers will say…