The pendulum swing

Vacillating back and forth like a pendulum because of unbelief. Haltering between two opinions.  When the accuser came whispering I went with the voice of fear and unbelief and said to God and those brothers who were helping me, “It does not work!” I am a mess, I still have this habit and that habit etc etc. So I left off believing I am already “as He is” 1John 4:17 and decided that I was not. I left off believing that I am “complete in Him who is the head of all principality and power” and decided God was lying to me….”I am not complete yet”, I said.
But over many months of digging into my fleshly past and trying to deal with sins of the past I saw that I have simply been taken for a ride by the accuser of the brethren who has brought me into a place of separation from God in my mind, busy looking at the flesh, judging myself as not a finished work.
The way to walk is to always and only see myself as a finished work in Jesus. This is the true fight of faith. That despite what outward appearances are, I am as He is in this world. I am righteous and holy for Christ Jesus is my only life. I can rest in that.
The pride in my flesh will never go away if I am looking at it and seeing myself as it.
Daniel Yordy says, and I love this maxim for it is the truth of the New Covenant:

Christ is always all FIRST, before anything not Christ could EVER vanish away.

If we put on the Lord Jesus Christ through speaking in agreement with the New Covenant truth of what he has done, whatever is going on in my flesh, whether from past sins or generational does not matter a tad. It is all under the blood of Jesus and remains that way as long as I do not fall out of faith and see my old man as the real me. The Old man is rendered useless, he is dead, I am now alive, but not I, it is Christ, but it is still me. Union!! Hallelujah!!
That is where I used to live, behind the closed door of “in Christ”…but I opened the door and walked out(only in my mind of course). We are all(us believers) in Him as far as God is concerned, but whether we believe that or not is what will bring bondage or peace and the pendulum keeps swinging with each bout of unbelief.
So  I am going on in the faith of the New Covenant where all is complete now. I have simply made a faith choice to agree with Father’s word and close the door, leaving my fleshly problems outside where they are all taken care of by Him and the blood of Jesus.

Author: Dennis Rhodes

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