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Jesus right now or not

There is no “going to heaven” to see Jesus–Jesus is in you right now–if you believe into Jesus. There is no “going to Hell”—Gehenna/Torment is right now–if you refuse to believe into Jesus Generation after generation of God’s children have lived their lives trying to be like Jesus in the hope that they would one […]

You can speak in tongues

speak in tongues Speak In Tongues Dennis Rhodes www.condemnednomore.com Western Australia Unless otherwise stated all Scripture in from the New King James Version Chapter 1 You can speak in the language He gave you   When the Holy Spirit is received our spirit is embraced by Him and filled and quickened. We come alive! The […]

God does not know good and evil

We Christians do not realise that deep down inside we have certain ruling definitions out from which we think about God. These ruling definitions have been imbibed in us since birth and since the fall into darkness in the original garden. These definitions are tares among the wheat that cause all sorts of mutations and […]